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TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is perfect for strengthening your whole body. Try my TRX Personal Training, you’ll feel fabulous after your sessions.

For Healthy People

From beginner to super fit person, anyone can train with a TRX. It all depends on how  you stand or hold the TRX.

For Mums-to-be

Standing TRX exercises are perfect when you’re pregnant and help you keep your back strong and fit from all the baby weight.

For Cancer Survivors

TRX Training helps to stretch your muscles and strengthens your body gently. Try it, you’ll feel your energy coming back.

What is TRX Suspension Training?

Want to know more about TRX Training?

In these 2 short videos, I’ll show you a few basic TRX exercises you can try if you have a TRX at home. Always make sure you attach your TRX securely at a door (indoors) or a tree (outdoors).

You’d like to properly learn how to use your TRX Trainer? Contact me and I’ll show you.

As a not necessarily intrinsically motivated person, as far as the topic of fitness training is concerned, I feel in good hands with Kerstin. She always motivated me to do my best with her friendly, calm and positive nature. The training is very varied, no need to be scared of always doing the same exercises or endless repetitions. And it didn’t take long for me to get motivated due to success. Ursula

Want to try TRX Training yourself?

Do you want to change your body and finally reach your desired weight?

Your benefits from TRX Training

1. Suitable for all fitness levels

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an experienced athlete or a new mom, anyone can do TRX Training. The steeper you stand for most exercises, the more difficult the exercise will be. 

2. Versatile, small, transportable

You can use the TRX anywhere. Indoor, outdoor, when you’re traveling. You’ll always find a perfect location where you can attach it and have a fun workout.

3. Helps you achieve any goal

Whatever your goal may be (weight loss, training for a specific event, getting in shape, recover from an injury), the TRX will help you get there.

4. Strengthen your abs and back

Every exercise you do on the TRX Suspension Trainer will work on your abs and back. So even if you train your legs or your arms, your core (that’s how we call your abs and back) is engaged and supporting.

5. Improve your posture

Who wouldn’t want to have a great posture, stand upright even after a long day sitting at work? The TRX stretches your muscles and helps you get into that great body so you look and feel taller.

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