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Interested in strengthening your core and doing a softer type of workout? Then my Pilates Personal Training in Dubai & online is perfect for you.

For Healthy People

Pilates is great if you want to strengthen your abs and shape your body in a gentle way. Let’s work on your core and flexibility.

For Mums-to-be

You can even do a modified Pilates version when you’re pregnant (or just had your baby) and get fit before and after the big day.

For Cancer Survivors

You will benefit from Pilates when your chest feels tight from surgery and you have little energy from your cancer treatments.

What is Pilates Training?

Want to know more about Pilates Training?

In this short video, I’ll show you a few basic Mat Pilates exercises you can try at home or outdoors.

You’d like to properly learn how to do Pilates? Contact me and I’ll show you.

Already during the first Pilates class with Kerstin, I experienced a change in my own physical perception.
Through her competent, calm, focused and almost meditative style of teaching, I’ve discovered new muscle groups that I’ve never felt before. After that I felt stronger every time. Kerstin’s courses are very professional and varied and I can only recommend everyone to take part!


Want to try Pilates Training yourself?

Pilates is perfect for 1:1 online Personal Training and in person in Dubai. Want to benefit from Pilates? Do you want to change your body and finally reach your desired weight?

Your benefits from Pilates Training

1. Anyone can do Pilates

You just had a baby, you have back problems, you haven’t exercised in a while? Pilates can be done by any fitness level. Either on the mat or standing, there are many positions we can try to find the perfect exercises for you.

2. Pilates increases your flexibiliy

Do you feel stiff in your back from all the sitting at your desk? Pilates will help you loosen up those tight muscles and helps you get a more upright posture.

3. Pilates develops core strength

The deep muscles of your abs, back and pelvic floor are called your CORE. During Pilates practice, your abdominals will always be engaged therefore creating strength in your core area. When your core is strong, your neck and shoulders can relax and you move more efficiently.

4. Pilates gives you energy

Pilates is a soft type of exercise where we pay a lot of attention to proper movement and breathing. It’s a wonderful exercise style to activate your heart rate but at the same time relax your body. After the workout you’ll feel energized and full of new motivation.

5. Pilates promotes weight loss

Pilates is known for creating long, lean muscles. If you practice regularly, you will see your body changing. The exercises teach you to move with ease and grace, and over time your muscle tone will make you look and feel very fit.

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