How I can support you

With passion and personal dedication, I offer Personal Training (Pilates / TRX / Fitness) conveniently online and in Dubai, helping you to develop and manifest healthy habits for your daily routine, the feel-good no-guilt way, no matter what time limits or excuses you have.

Effective Training

You want to feel more dynamic, fresh and energetic, increase your performance, but with little amount of time? I adapt your training specifically to your needs and desires.

Yummy Nutrition

You travel often (near or far) and find it difficult to make healthy eating choices or do sports outside of home? I’ll show you how easy it is to eat healthy and exercise from anywhere.


Healthy Habits

You often have excuses, why you don’t have time for sports and can’t stick to it long term? I can help you learn to love exercise and overcome your sports blockages.

Enjoy your Training

You want to strengthen your core, improve your posture, tone your butt and get a fitter body, but without going to the gym? I support you in becoming the best and happiest version of yourself.

Love your Life

You would like to a live healthier life without sacrifices and get rid of the feeling of regret, if you missed a sports unit or ate unhealthy food? I support you in getting rid of your guilty conscience once and for all.


Have fun

Step by step, we work to optimize your relationship with fitness (and nutrition). After a short while, doing sports will be a lot of fun and you miss it when you have to stop for a few days.

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Why I work differently

With over 20 years of experience in helping people achieve their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals, I have seen many motivated people struggle sticking to a routine long-term. It’s difficult to find time to exercise and to say no to chocolate cake all the time. That’s why I developed my training and coaching programs differently to help you not only start with good habits but also to see results long-term.

Feedback from Clients

“If someone had told me a few weeks ago, that I’d exercise twice per week and even enjoy it, I’d have laughed at this person because I’m not much of a sports gal.

Kerstin has achieved the impossible with her Pilates sessions because she knew exactly what I was able to do.”


“When I did my first ski training with Kerstin, I was very unfit due to a slipped disk and then I started training only 2 weeks before the vacation and was fitter than everyone else. Not a bit of back issues or leg fatigue. Big recommendation – Kerstin is my trainer even though we live far apart, but the distance is no hurdle.”


“I have been doing ski exercises with Kerstin for several years and am looking forward to it every winter. The sessions are varied, the time flies by, the training time is manageable, that I still find the motivation for it after a stressful day.” Tanja

“You have put together such great individual exercises with your program, even a pool work-out I got from you, which especially in the summer makes my training (especially the abdominal muscle) much easier. With your emphatic and professional nature, it was really easy for me to get involved in the training program as well as in the associated mindset work.” Nicole